Mission Statement

Dixie Basketball, Inc. will strive to offer children regardless of race, religion or national origin an opportunity to participate in a safe, fun and organized environment.

Dixie Basketball, Inc. was organized to:

Encourage any youth, meeting the requirements as to age set forth in the Dixie Basketball guidelines, to participate in the League.

Promote, teach and maintain the fundamentals and understanding of basketball under a spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship between players, officials, parents spectators and coaches.

Provide equal opportunity for every youth, regardless of race, color, sex and creed within the ages approved by Dixie Basketball League guidelines.

The objective of Dixie Basketball League is to firmly implant in the minds of the youth of our community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority while learning and participating in the fundamentals of basketball so they may grow to understand and appreciate the game.

To achieve this objective, Dixie Basketball will provide a supervised program of competitive basketball games under the rules and policies of League Guidlines. Players, officials, parents, spectators and coaches shall bear in mind that stressing exceptional athletic skills or winning games is secondary, and type of leadership extended to youths is of prime importance. The league is designed to teach basketball for youths of average athletic ability and not cater to youths of exceptional ability.